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TICKids: Halloween Optocht


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News Archives

26 October 2012

TICKids Halloween Bags

by Mala Raman This year TICKids participated in a very cold, but fun Halloween torchlight parade. In preparation for the evening my kids and I had fun making halloween bags for all the TICKids.  We painted and scissored our way into some very cool-looking bags!Before the start of the parade,

A very scary fairy!

the kids could get their faces painted and jump around in a bouncy castle.  It was a rather long wait before the parade started, but we finally got started!  It was thankfully, a rather short walk around the Heyhoef in the Reeshof.  Many short, scary creatures followed a marching band playing very frightening TOTO songs around the shopping center.

Waiting for the parade to start… brrrrrr

After the parade, TICKids ended the night by having fun pulling candy out of a treat back (without

looking!) and then trading with each other for the treats they really wanted!

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