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SIG Movie Night: Skyfall


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Seated and ready for the action to begin!

Seated and ready for the action to begin!

16 November 2012

by Antoaneta Baltadzhieva

In this new club year we plan to have a lot of new and exciting activities for all TIC members. We are proud to introduce you our new interest group – Tilburg International Movie Night Club. On the 16th of November our first Movie Night took place and which movie is better for the opening than the new James Bond movie Skyfall!

It was 1962 when the first James Bond movie DR. NO was released. And even now, 50 years later, James Bond still rocks. The fans are pleased – fascinating special effects, stunts, exotic locations, gadgets and guns – you can find it all in Skyfall! The movie opens with …a stunning motorcycle chase across rooftops above Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. The scene ends with the bad guy, who has stolen a list with the identities of secret agents, escaping and James Bond falling down from a bridge, a fall that no ordinary man would survive (please take a deep breath! It’s only the beginning of the movie, there are 100 minutes to go, no way he’s going to die!).

Next thing, we see him hanging out on a beach, drinking with local people. However, when MI6 is under threat he returns to London to help M. The man who obtained the list, Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem), continues a cat-and-mouse game with Bond . There are a lot of exciting action scenes and breathtaking special effects as well as a surprise ending which I don’t want to give away for those who haven’t seen the movie yet. You will also be surprised by the new Q character, especially compared with good

There was a lot to discuss afterwards:)

There was a lot to discuss afterwards:)

old Desmond Llewelyn.

We all agreed that the movie is worth seeing! But if you weren’t be able to join us, we are guaranteeing a new exciting movie night in January. Don’t miss! Please check out our website or follow us on Facebook for more information about our events.

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