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Our finished cupcake creations!

Our finished cupcake creations!

23 February 2013

by Mala Raman

The cupcake workshop turned out to a lot of fun and a labor of love.  A workshop that was originally supposed to be 1½ hours of cupcake decorating ended up being 3 hours of creative glory.

We started with an explanation of fondant, its properties, how to properly roll it out for the first layer of the cupcake topping and how to

The decorating process

The decorating process

make the intricate decorations from various molds and cutting forms.

After our introduction, we all were charged with finding ideas, patterns and designs to top our cupcakes.  We had several books to look through for inspiration as well as our own imaginations.

Creating the layers

Creating the layers

We then spend the next 2 ½ hours, rolling, cutting, piercing, gluing (with an edible glue) and molding our fondant to execute our creations to perfection.

The finishing touches

The finishing touches

At the end of the workshop, we had a chance to look through the beautiful and tasteful Taart van Tilburg store to take home some supplies for our next solo foray into cupcake-making.  We then went home very satisfied customers and proud owners of 6 beautifully, hand-crafted, delicious cupcakes.

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