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2013 TICnic!


tíc is a non-profit association that provides social and educational activities for internationals living in and around Tilburg. Read more About tíc.

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Let the eating begin!

Let the eating begin!

15 June 2013

by Mala Raman

Our end-of-the-year picnic was attended by a whole big crowd of 27 adults and 14 kids!  Once again we had to wait on the Dutch weather to clear up, but once it did, we had a fun day for this popular event held on the Tilburg University campus.

Pim at the grills!

Pim at the grills!

This year, Pim manned the BBQs under slightly cloudy skies.  He kept the 2 grills going serving up a variety of very tasty meats and a couple of vegetarian options.  We also enjoyed different kinds of salads and desserts contributed by our members. The TICnic has always been a perfect opportunity for members to bring dishes authentic to their own home countries and this year members were able to try a Peruvia seafood salad and a Filipino banana pastry served with vanilla ice cream!

Egg walk race!

Egg walk race!

3-legged race

3-legged race

Also this year, thanks to the tremendous efforts of one of our newer members, Patricia Gonzales, we had a whole afternoon of fun, games and yummy treats for the kids (and adults).  The first game was a parent/child three-legged race followed by anegg walk and a barrel race.  And finally, there was a “treasure” hunt where participants had to produce many interesting and varied items (including teams forming the word TIC with their bodies on the grass), each worth a certain number of points.  The team that had the most number of points was the winner.

Wheelbarrow race

Wheelbarrow race

In the end, all teams were winners of medals, laughter and lots of fun! In short, the TICnic was another

Everyone walked away a winner!

Everyone walked away a winner!

smashing success (as the Dutch would say, heel gezellig) and we look forward to seeing what fun our TICnic will bring next June!

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