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Meet the board: Patrica Gonzalez


tíc is a non-profit association that provides social and educational activities for internationals living in and around Tilburg. Read more About tíc.

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  • Netflix Party 11 December 2020

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D7K_9237 - hi resI have spent almost a third of my life outside of the Philippines, the country where I was born. I grew up as an expat child in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the 80s then returned to Manila where I subsequently met and married Michael. Together, we have lived in Manila, Edinburgh, Newcastle and London. In 2012, Michael became a PhD researcher at Tilburg University and we added Tilburg to the list. What I have learned from all this is that anywhere in the world can be home. And the new friends you make, the community you become a part of – they often turn into a family of sorts.

At not-yet forty, I have been a teacher, a law student, a wannabe archaeologist and a cook in a restaurant kitchen. Despite all of these “adventures”, I keep returning to my main passions: anthropology and heritage – fields I have worked in and in which I hold Master’s degrees. Deep down, I think the world is a lot larger than we imagine and all the more fascinating for its diversity.

I am curious about Dutch culture and easily captivated by art and creativity. Consequently, during my time with the Board, you can expect events that delve into the customs and idiosyncracies of this country we all call home and the people that make it so. I see Tilburg, Brabant, in fact, the whole of the Netherlands as a place that’s just waiting to be explored. Let’s discover it together through TIC.

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