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  • Movie Night 31 January 2020
  • Trappers Ice Hockey Game 16 February 2020
  • Book Club: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens 18 February 2020
  • Tour of LocHal & Expo visit 7 March 2020

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Meet the board: Emerald

I was bimageedit_2_6256986737orn and brought up in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. A country that is not only over populated and busy but also conservative. However, growing up in a non-typical Bangladeshi family, my visions and opinions were always different. I wanted to learn and know more; more about the other side of the world. Hence I travelled a bit and have always worked for international organisations in Dhaka. My last job in Bangladesh was at the Dutch Embassy. During my work at the Embassy I made a trip to the Netherlands where I met my husband Thijs. We got married in January 2008 and thereafter I moved to the Netherlands in February 2008 to join him in Tilburg. In 2011 we became proud parents of a gorgeous baby girl.

We found TIC through a friend in 2011 and ever since we have been happy members. It’s a place where I can socialize and connect with so many different people. It’s like experiencing different cultures at the same time under the same roof. Tilburg may not be the most attractive city but it does have a nice mix of cultures and traditions. The Tilburg International club is the best place to experience this through all the fun excursions and activities.

This year I joined the TIC board as Treasurer and I am looking forward to being part of the team that keeps this club active.


Yoga / Brunch

Article by Anne

yoga - oct 25 2015 (1)On Sunday, October 25th, 6 hearty TIC members met at the theater in Tilburg for a “Yoga Concert”…a yoga concert??? Yup, this innovative idea is a combination of a yoga lesson + live music and takes place on the expanded stage of the theater in the Muziekzaal. While the 10 am starting time on Sunday is not for the faint hearted, TIC had arranged for the clocks to be set back an hour the previous night, enabling all to get a long night’s sleep in spite of the early wake up hour 😉

Patricia met us at the door with tickets after which we made our way to the auditorium where we grabbed a mat, rolled it out and waited for the lesson to begin.  The event was sold out, so there was a good group with participants being of all different levels. I only do yoga very occasionally (i.e. usually 1-2 times per year!) so complicated and difficult poses are not really in my repertoire! Fortunately, the yoga instructor gives a range of alternatives for exercises so I and the gentleman next to me both managed OK 🙂

The music was provided by a piano and xylophone duo and the lovely music flowed and ebbed as we went through the exercises. There was time at the end of the lesson to relax and listen, so I was very refreshed when the hour was over. We then headed over to the Nieuwland café where we all had a warm drink – courtesy of TIC – and sampled their delicious breakfast menu. Yummy!! I thoroughly enjoyed this unique start of my Sunday! The next Yoga Concert will be on Sunday, November 29th, so plan now to join us!


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