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Book review: The Heart Goes Last


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The Heart Goes Lastby Coree Forman

On 3 Nov, 7 TIC members got together for a cup of tea and a book club discussion of The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood.

Those of us who had read the book enjoyed it, but all agreed it was a bit “all over the place,” with story beginning miles away from where it started: from a dystopian community project gone awry, to Elvis impersonators and sex-robots in Las Vegas. Luckily, Anita had done some research and was able to inform us that the book was originally written and released as an ebook serial, which may explain why there were so many twists and turns.

And those of us who hadn’t read the book were still able to take part in the numerous other discussion topics, including (among others):
elections, engagements, moving, challenges with real estate laws, dual cultural kids names, braces…. Overall, a very gezellig and varied discussion.

For the next book club, Melissa proposed books by Australian authors, in honor of her and her family’s return to their home country. We’ll miss them, but we may have found our first virtual book club member (via Skype).

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