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Book Review: High Tide


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high-tideby Victoria Vasjuta

Looking back at our first TIC Book Club meeting of 2017 makes me feel positive and enthusiastic exactly as it felt that night. The location was amazing and it was nice to see new people joining in a warm friendly atmosphere and, as always, it was great to have an interesting discussion.

The topic of this TIC Book Club was a modern Latvian novel High Tide written by Inga Ābele, born in 1972 in Riga. She has written plays and screenplays, collections of poetry, stories and novels. Her plays have been staged not only in Latvia, but also in Sweden and Germany.

I think we all agreed that High Tide: it’s a quite strange book that combines lush, provocative prose with a gripping plot about a love triangle and a murder. Although this plot is told in semi-reverse chronological order . . . so many moments start to make sense only at the end of the book. It’s like an anti-mystery novel, I suppose.

Although it wasn’t the most interesting book, we still had a great evening and enjoyed time together with tea, coffee and cookies in very special place, which was so nicely arranged by one of our fellow TIC members, Anita. @Anita, thank you for your warm and special welcome!

If you feel that you might need a community of enthusiastic readers of all ages, just come over and check it out. Maybe see you soon!

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