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Worstenbrood (Sausage roll) Workshop Review


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by Rochelle Buhr

26 Nov 2019. Have you ever had fresh, warm worstenbrood, a Tilburg speciality?Better yet, have you ever made them? A lucky 8 of us did on Tuesday at
De Smaeck Bakkerij in Berkol-Enschot.

Although probably not something you’d make at home, we had a great time
putting them together with the professionals at the bakery!

We ate them warm, fresh out of the oven, and so we wouldn’t be bored while they baked, we had
warm appelflappen with coffee to keep us entertained. Of course, there was constant, fun conversation throughout the evening!

We left happy and full, and with bags of worstenbroodjes and rolls.

Thanks for another great TIC program!

#tilburginternationalclub #expats #workshop #worstenbroodjes #Brabant

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