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Book Review: The Lost Girls of Paris


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by Yolonda van Riel

08 Jan 2020. We had a small but enthusiastic group for book club as we gathered to discuss The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff. The story centered around a curious, young widow named Grace who finds an abandoned briefcase in Grand Central Station right after WWII. She removed photos taken of 10 young women from the case and began a quest to find out the story behind the photographs.

Each chapter of the book was dedicated to a different character, which made the book, at times, difficult to follow or left the reader a bit unsatisfied because you were just getting into the story of character. The story unfolded as Grace looked to solve the mystery of these female spies in France and who betrayed them.

These young women were essentially left behind without recourse in war torn France. While we all really liked the storyline, the book seemed to read more like a teenage mystery rather than adult novel. If you are looking for an easy read on a heartfelt subject, then it’s worth your time!


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