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tíc Annual Holiday Dinner at Anvers


tíc is a non-profit association that provides social and educational activities for internationals living in and around Tilburg. Read more About tíc.

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by Dagmara Gielen-Bernacka

11 Jan 2020. The inauguration of a new tíc calendar year took place in the lovely restaurant Anvers, situated in the centre of Tilburg.

And yes, we were having a blast!

The club members showed up with quite a representation; there were even some new faces. It’s always brilliant to meet the newcomers and I was happy to be able to chat with a couple of them.

We got an absolutely posh treatment, since effectively the whole 1st floor of the restaurant was exclusively ours and the staff did everything they could to make us feel at home. We got a round of a good ole prosecco that accompanied the toast and new years wishes from our charming president, Yolonda.

Once the ‘official’ part was over, we sat down by a couple of little tables to enjoy a good talk and a drink in smaller circles.

Despite all this food for thoughts, we were getting hungry. Soon enough we have found out, we were up for a real treat! The food served, both cold and warm, was absolutely delicious and diverse enough, so that everybody could find something fitting their needs and fancies. I can openly say that I wasn’t the only one going for the second rounds. And boy, was it worth it. As a result, not everybody was up for that great dessert that followed.

We came, we saw, we ate and drank, laughed quite a lot as well, but mostly we greeted the new year between the old and new friends, and it was lovely seeing you all again.

And hierby I’d love to thank Anne-Lise for organising a beautiful location, fantastic food and a ‘gezelligheid’. Chapeau bas!


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