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DESTIL Trappers win again!


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by Mala Raman.

16 Feb 2020. On a bright but windy February day, a large crowd of tíc members met to watch the three-time Oberlina Champion ice hockey team potentially make their way to the play-offs again this year. The DESTIL Trappers, coached by Bo Subr, swept the ice with Krefelder EV ’81 in their home game Sunday afternoon with a final score of 9 – 0, their 5th shut out of the season.

This match was an action-packed game where the team ran circles around their German opponent. Subr summarised the teams play, ‘They know what to do. They work hard. They know the patterns and help each other out.  At times you still see they don’t have the strenght to win the 1-on-1 battles in the corners. But they played really well today.’

Coach of Krefelder, Elmar Schmitz said for his team, ‘We had a pretty good start to the game and should have scored in the first two minutes. Once Tilburg gets things going it’s hard to stop them. They’re the best team in de Oberliga for years now.’

Coming to a home game is always great fun. Unlike the many national hockey leagues, there really is almost no fighting during the games making it appropriate for people of all ages to attend a game.

The fan zone members play along with the songs with wildly beating drums and carry on a conversation with the announcer after a goal is made.  It goes something like this…

Announcer: “Score by Tilburg Trappers! Goal made by Delaney”

Fan Zone: “Hessels!!”

Announcer: “Delaney”

Fan Zone: “Hessels!”

Announcer: The score is Tilburg Trappers:

Fan Zone: “9!” (a big scream)

Announcer: “Krefelder:”

Fan Zone: “0” (as a whisper)

Announcer: “Danke!” (thank you!)

Fan Zone: “Bitte!” (Your welcome!)

Thanks to this big win, the Trappers are set for the next 5 games before the playoffs start!


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