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What we learned about early Dutch education


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News Archives

Tilburg International Club Dutch Education webinarWe were happy to have Annebet from New2NL.com to give us an introduction to the Dutch school system. We had a great session with lots of great questions about Dutch education for young children.

We had a Zoom call that covered all kinds of early education topics including, educational philosophies (Waldorf/Steiner, Montessori, Dalton, etc.), preschools, how to apply to the schools, special needs education, programs for gifted children, schools for newcomers and much more. Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about how to find a suitable schools, understanding the options and the philosophy of before and after school child care.

Prior to the webinar, members were able to submit questions that Annebet answered during the call including:

  • How to keep an eye on progress of your child without knowing Dutch.
  • How we can help our child in his study/homework without knowing Dutch.
  • When to register for basisschool?

Tilburg International Club Education webinarOther questions that came up were:

  • How do educational philosophies found in basisscholen in Tilburg (eg, Montessori, Anthroposophie) compare?
  • How do you choose a school.
  • My child started primary school in December 2019, and she is in a classroom that combines groups 1 and 2. When will my child move into group 2, and what criteria does the teacher consider when deciding whether or not to move my child into the next group?
  • How are special education schools and psycho-educational assessment handled?

Outside of the early years of Dutch education, Annebet also provided the group with specific educational resources in Tilburg for gifted children, calculating pre-school costs, understanding Group 8 results and high school advice, newcomers schools and early bird schools.


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