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#TBT: Trip to La Trappe Brewery


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Tomorrow, we will be doing an at-home beer tasting workshop presented by Hetbiermoment. For #ThrowbackThursday, let’s take a look at our tour from 2018 to Koningshoeven monastery to visit the Trappist Brewery, famous for La Trappe beer!

Tilburg International Club La Trappe tour 2018x–x–x–x–x–x–x

22 September 2018. by Elaine Ferguson. A group of enthusiastic beer tasters assembled outside the La Trappe Monastery in Berkel Enschot. Coincidently, the majority of our group consisted of Australians although some were from Sydney.

Antonio our guide met us at the gates and we preceded to the brew room where he explained the process (see link below), but the most important part for us to remember was the 2nd fermentation!! As once the beer is bottled, it continues to ferment. So, the longer you store it, the better the taste.

After visiting the brew rooms, Antonio took us to the old Bakery and told us about the history of the monks and how they originally came from Normandy and soon after their arrival in 1881 they began brewing beer.

Antonio showed us the bottling plant where we watched a short video of the automatisation of the bottling and packing process. The final part of the tour we went to the tasting room where we could choose from one of the 9 beers produced by La Trappe and Antonio demonstrated to us the correct way to pour a beer.

The brewery works together with local farmers, who produce the barley sustainably, and also with persons with a disability from the Diamant Group. The proceeds from the brewery go to maintenance and supporting a charity in Uganda. This means when you drink a La Trappe beer you are donating to charity!!!

Final words of wisdom from Antonio:

Treat the environment and people with respect.
Be Positive 😊
Don’t forget the *2ndfermentation!!!

*2ndFermentation is when you buy two 6 packs of La Trappe and you leave the 2ndone in your cellar for preferably two years (ignore the sell-bydate).  I have done this with Bock Beer and can highly recommend it.

La Trappe Bock beer will be available in the shops as of 1stOctober.

Brew Process: https://www.latrappetrappist.com/en/our-story/brewing-process/


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