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“Beerophiles” gather… hilarity ensues


tíc is a non-profit association that provides social and educational activities for internationals living in and around Tilburg. Read more About tíc.

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Tilburg International Club Beer Tasting 5 March 2021. by Essi Koskela. Unlike the several devoted beerophiles attending the tic beer tasting event, I was hesitant at first. My preference has settled in the plain pilsje and lager after years of empirical research, and I was not sure I was ready to challenge this concept.

The Experience

Unfooled by my prejudice, I set out to experience the selection of four local craft beers: a hazy landbier (Beerze Classic),  IPA, a subtle triple (School Strafwerk), and a thick, rich porter (Engelbertus Zachte Heelmeester). Joining us online was our beer master, Hans from HetBierMoment. Thanks to tic, 4 beers + a beer glass were delivered straight to each participant’s door.  That’s tic service at its best!

Tilburg International Club Beer TastingThe Tasting

Misleadingly called “tasting”, the instructions were simple and clear: you were to utilise all your senses when getting acquainted with the beer. First, listen to the sound of the pressure release when you open the container. After pouring, examine the look of the color and foam. Be sure to enjoy the smell separately, before proceeding to sipping. Taste is simply not the flavour, but you should engage your tactile sense to analyse the mouthfeel and consistency. Last step: drink and enjoy! (Of course, not everyone waited for the part before the drink and enjoy:)

The Naught Kids in the Audience

A hallmark of any virtual event, we were not devoid of technical struggles. Our Tilburg International Club Beer Tasting with HetBierMomenthost kept dropping out, unable to find a stable connection. Perhaps triggered by the frustration resulting from a controlled drinking pace, tic members took advantage of the technical difficulties our host was experiencing to play a small practical joke on our host;.) While Hans was trying to get back online with our group, we all decided it would be funny if we “disappeared” when he came back.  We quickly turned off our cameras and when Hans came back, he hilariously said, “Where’d everyone go?” We quickly all turned our cameras back on and had a good laugh together. Luckily our host took our prank in good humor, just what you would expect from a true beer-lover.


As for my preferences, I did not find a new favorite this time. However, I am inspired to continue training my taste buds!

If you are feeling thirsty after reading this, make sure to join us next time! Meanwhile, feel free to grab a drink and follow the instructions above!

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