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#FBF tícMovie Night: The Gentlemen review


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Tonight we’ll meet up for another tícMovie Night. For #FlashbackFriday, here’s a look back at the Cinecitta movie “The Gentlemen”!

by Anne van Oorschot

5 Jun 2020. After weeks of event cancellations, it was with great enthusiasm that I heard movie theaters could reopen on June 1st. 🙂

Pathé was careful to stick to the required 1.5 meter distance and we were assigned seats individually as we entered the theater. We sat in pairs with 3 seats and 2 rows separating guests. The Gentlemen, a combination gangster/shoot-em-up and comedy film, was a good choice and just what we needed.

There were big names such as Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell and Hugh Grant in the film and the latter was my favorite, in a completely different kind of role for him. As a gay underworld figure, Grant was trying to blackmail a drugs boss and calling everyone “dahling” in the process of negotiations.

It was also fun to see Farrell as a coach who exclusively
wore odd, colorful plaid training suits and Michelle Dockery as a sexy drug boss’s wife instead of dressed in Downton Abbey period costumes. We all laughed a lot!

Since 2 tíc movie nights had been cancelled due to Corona restrictions, I lost no time in checking out the websites of Cinecitta and Pathé for their programs the first week of opening. Since there was no English film available at Cinecitta on Friday evening, the choice for The Gentlemen at Pathé was made. I immediately ordered 10 tickets online and hoped there would be enough TIC members up for a night at the movies. As it turned out, I had to disappoint 4 members since tickets quickly sold out and I couldn’t order more online later.

While it had been impossible to reserve space for a group of 10 for a post movie drink, 5 in the group decided to give it a try after the film. Since we were obviously not from the same household, we could only be seated outside at a large table. The weather was chilly, but the big heater butting up against our table made it comfortable and we were able to chat about our respective experiences with the work-from-home policy, cancelled vacations and general lack of seeing others. While no one was a real fan of the policy, some good skills and habits have been formed and we wondered what would be kept and carried over. How will we work differently once we can go back to work?

All in all, it was a nice evening and great to chat and be together with other TIC members! The Board is hoping to have a couple more events before the summer and there will be another movie night in the line-up. Hope to see you soon.

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