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House of Gucci Movie Review


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Tilburg International Club Movie Nightreview by Anne van Oorschot

11 Feb 2022. After months of not being able to have in-person events, I was thrilled to be able to plan one of TIC’s most popular events – the Friday night movie. I was not the only one starved for a fun activity as a total of 14 members signed up and we met in the lobby of Pathé. We enjoyed chatting a bit and getting acquainted/reacquainted before going into the film.

The Movie

With a star studded cast, our expectations were high…and we were not disappointed! Lady Gaga was convincing as Patrizia Reggiani, later Gucci, with her beauty camouflaging her overwhelming desire for money and power. Adam Driver played the unsuspecting Maurizio Gucci, manipulated by his wife’s ambitions to push his uncle and cousin out of the company. Jeremy Irons was the perfect disapproving father who fails to dissuade his son from marriage.

A clearly old Al Pacino was really in his element as uncle Aldo Gucci, the brother really running the fashion empire. Jared Leto played his flamboyant and idiotic son, Paulo – “He’s an idiot… but he’s my idiot!” (Paulo reminded me that even made from high quality wool, the leisure suit – especially a mauve colored one – was not a positive fashion statement!!) The unbridled quest for power causes the family to unravel, taking the business with it. Our Thoughts

I and many others, didn’t realize that Maurizio was ultimately assassinated by a hit-man hired by his wife. Fortunately, the hit man + Patrizia were eventually linked to the murder, caught, brought to trial and convicted. While Gucci is now a very successful fashion empire, there are no Gucci family members involved in its running any more.

While the murder perpetrators spent many years in prison, internet exploration at home revealed that Patrizia was released in 2016 after serving 18 years and is currently a “trend analyzer and designer” for a costume jewelry company in Milan…and she gets a generous allowance from the Gucci family!!?? Go figure? While we tried to have a quick drink somewhere after the film, it was too close to the 10:00 closing time to be successful. I’m already looking forward to the next movie night in March when Corona closing times will be more relaxed, so we can chat further over a drink!

Our movie club tries to meet once a month, so if you have a Friday night free, come join us for our next movie. In the meantime, check out our movie review of The Gentlemen!

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