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A great night with the Brabantse Jazz Orchestra at Paradox


tíc is a non-profit association that provides social and educational activities for internationals living in and around Tilburg. Read more About tíc.

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TIC Jazz Nightreview by Dietrich Haas

05 Oct 2022. Jazz might not be everybody’s favourite – and yes, it is definitely not mainstream – but it is heaps of fun and definitely once in your life a must-try if you have not visited a concert, yet.

The Orchestra

TIC gave everybody a chance to broaden their musical horizons by organizing a Jazz night at Tilburg’s Paradox with Het Brabantse Jazz Orchestra. This is a proper bigband with almost 20 years stage experience, who performed all the pieces from their latest recording.

The Music

TIC Jazz NightBeing a mix of very modern, partially even fusion style of jazz, and more traditional tunes, basically all by Dutch composers, this was for most – if not all 20 TICers  – before unheard of territory. But so much fun!

The Band

There were great solos, a very sweeping moderation, spreading enthusiasm on and off stage, a lot of Hollywood-actors look-a-likes in the band, and a free CD (if you proved clueless in answering questions over the mic) – what more could you expect?

TIC Jazz NightSince Paradox is a very stylish club, we also had a good time after the concert – enough for everybody declaring their willingness to be onboard next time again!

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