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About tíc

Our Mission

tíc is a non-profit volunteer organization that:

🔹 Provides social and educational activities for internationals living in Brabant;
🔹 Represents the international community to local governmental bodies; and
🔹 Aims to further positive relations among people of different nationalities.

tilburg international club (tíc) verwelkomt en ondersteunt internationale leden en biedt ze steun door het verstrekken van informatie en het organiseren van sociale, culturele en maatschappelijke activiteiten. Onze vele verschillende activiteiten maken het mogelijk voor leden om hun belangen te ontwikkelen en in een multi-nationale gemeenschap deel te nemen.

Tilburg International Club

tíc Fast Facts

🔹 tíc hosted an opening reception in March 2008 for international citizens from 29 different countries!
🔹 Our partners include Holland Expat Center South (HECS) and P&D Care
🔹 Organizations such as Tilburg University and Bosch have subsidized their employee’s annual dues!
🔹 Members benefit from our relationships with Sligro Tilburg, Fontys and Theaters Tilburg
🔹 Currently, our club has over 150 members from 31 different countries!
🔹 A variety of tíc activities are held in and around the center of town and many are free of charge to members.
🔹 Our association (“Vereniging”) is a family club, so the annual €50 dues covers partners and children participating in club activities.
🔹 Guests are welcome to attend two (2) events as a guest to get a better feel for the club and its members before joining!
🔹 Membership can be requested simply by filling out our online Membership Form.

Expats in Brabant

tíc welcomes international citizens, living and/or working in the Netherlands, who would like to:

🔹 Join other expats for social and educational activities
🔹 Expand personal and business networks
🔹 Introduce partners and children to new people in a relaxed and fun social atmosphere
🔹 Learn more about the Tilburg, Brabant and the Netherlands

At Home in Brabant

tíc helps internationals feel more at home in the Netherlands. We strive to help ease the adjustment process with practical tips, advice and information on daily life in the Netherlands. We offer a relaxed and fun social atmosphere for introducing partners and children to new people and for learning more about the Tilburg, Noord Brabant and the Netherlands. tíc can be an invaluable “home away from home” resource.

tíc as an Organization

tíc currently has 5 Board positions: President, Treasurer, Secretary/Membership, Events Coordinator and Communications & Outreach.  Click here to meet the tíc Board Members!

Do you have more questions? Just complete the form below and let us know!

By submitting this form, I understand that I will be included in the TIC mailing list for event invitations and the TIC quarterly newsletter and that I may unsubscribe at any time.

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